Fusion – one festival too many in Sefton Park?

Residents are upset over more disruption in Sefton Park

The Fusion Festival, which will take place from 31st August to 1st September has been moved from Otterspool Park to Sefton Park to make it “bigger and better”.

The decision to move the two day music festival, with tickets costing up to £309, was taken by the council without any consultation with local residents. Some have expressed their fear and anger about another large festival taking place in Sefton Park, one of the top ten Heritage parks in the country.

Green Party campaigner, Kay Inckle, shares residents’ concerns. She said: “Music festivals are a key feature of the summer calendar, but there are already a number of big events in Sefton Park, and there are a range of other locations in the city where this festival could have taken place without causing such disruption.

“The council should consider the needs of people who live close by and the wellbeing of the wildlife and the environment before making decisions like this. They cannot keep ignoring the concerns of local residents and damaging the park’s natural environment.”