Road Expansion for the Climate Emergency? Only at Liverpool Council!

Liverpool City Council, having only belatedly declared a climate emergency, have now released plans for major road expansion in the city, including dual carriageways on Sefton Street, Riverside Drive and Jericho Lane.

This followed announcements that a number of bus services will be cut or re-routed because of “traffic congestion” in the city and following the cancellation of the city cycle ride in July. So, rather than implementing sustainable travel through increasing cycling and public transport, the council is prioritising increased road use by cars. There are also plans to allow more cruise ships and for airport expansion in Liverpool, all of which have significant impacts on climate change and pollution.

It seems that despite appointing a Climate Change Champion, the council are yet to realise that burning fossil fuels and increasing car, cruise and air travel have negative impacts on the environment and will not lead to a carbon neutral city!