Tories and pop stars decide what happens in Greenbank

Many Greenbank residents have been angry about the increasing use of Sefton Park for pay-to-enter music festivals. Residents and wildlife are disrupted for days and nights by noise and light pollution and vehicles causing damage to the park. There was also significant evidence of drug-use during the most recent festival.

The upcoming Fusion Festival, with tickets costing up to £309, has caused further worry because it has been allowed to continue past normal hours. However, when residents’ concerns were raised by Cllr Lawrence Brown they were batted away. The Labour cabinet member stated that the extension is in line with government legislation and was essential to secure a headline act “who wanted darkness for their finale”.

Why is the Labour council more interested in the Tory government and demands of pop divas rather than the wishes and needs of the people in Greenbank that they are supposed to represent?