Walk to School Challenge

Councillor Lawrence Brown joined parents and pupils at Liverpool College as they engaged in a protest during walk to school week.

The protest, supported by Living Streets, was to highlight the importance of encouraging walking and cycling to school.

Councillor Brown also used ward funds to buy walk to school promotional materials for pupils at St Anthony of Padua primary school where there was much enthusiasm for the initiative.

According to Living Streets, a generation ago more than 70% of us walked to school, now it’s less than half.

You can find out more at: https://www.livingstreets.org.uk/walk-to-school

Greenbank Greens campaigner, Kay Inckle commented: “Exercise is essential for children’s mental and physical health. We need more initiatives like this so local children can get out of the car and onto the pavement.”

(Image: Walk to School mascot “Strider”)